Saturday, February 18, 2017

Get Ready to Rumble!

My step-granddaughter, Alexis,  had a baby boy a while back. She is the daughter of my daughter's ex-husband. There was a lot of trauma in their final breakup and we have not had contact with Alexis since their divorce nearly two years ago. Fortunately, Alexis and I have reconnected on Facebook and I told her I had made something for her baby but her dad had not responded to my request for her address. She gave it to me!!!! I realize that her baby will now be five months old but I am going to send her the receiving blanket and burp clothes that I made for her when I heard she was expecting. I also made a cute little sweater and hat to go along. Started it a day or so ago and finished up when I couldn't sleep last night. This is called the Rumble Jacket. I designed it a long time ago and pulled out the pattern just for this project.

We have been busy trying to get our house put together and close on the other one. It's just amazing the things you have to do. I MUST clean my office this morning and get the rest of the pictures hung in here. I need to block the little sweater. It's kind of wonky down the front. Those buttonholes sometimes do a bit of a scrunchy. Overall, I'm really happy with it and I LOVE the blanket and burp cloth.

Have a fantastic weekend. We are hoping the rain will stop so we can watch the firework display tonight. I miss our other backyard because it gave us a perfect viewing area right from our family room if the weather wasn't good and outside on the back patio with bunches of friends around the fire pit if it was. We have been invited to watch them at a friend's house tonight. There are SO many things I miss about the other house -- that is only ONE of them. We signed all our documents yesterday and the lady from California will be in on Monday or Tuesday. We went over yesterday to make sure everything was okay and left her a lovely plant with a note that we hoped she enjoyed our home as much as we had. I hope it makes her feel welcome.


Came across this today and it just cracked me up. Thank goodness I have a yarn stash.


  1. Love the little Rumble Jacket. Good luck with the house move - always a hassle isn't it? Xox