Saturday, January 21, 2017

Finally moved and settled in . . .

Did I tell you already how much I hate moving? I swore I'd never do it again. I also swore that I was finished with remodeling, that I was going to enjoy my home and never leave it. Well, here I am. Back in the rut of having to put down new carpeting, tile, etc. The plus is that our other house sold within just a couple of days. We had multiple offers on it and it finally sold for nearly $17,000 more than offered. I don't particularly care for the new house other than it has a slightly larger kitchen and a larger pantry but The Hubster is happier and that makes a huge difference. They always say that a happy wife is a happy life but I have to tell you that I have found if you have a grumpy husband life is pretty miserable. (You will note there was a lot of "I swore" in this paragraph and it really is quite indicative of my language the last two months.) UGH!

Well, I finally finished my sweater. I think it turned out lovely and goes well with my red pants, don't you agree? Great way to use up scraps -- and I have a lot of those still. ;-)

The last few weeks have been very stressful. My baby sister (who is 12 years younger than me) has breast cancer. She asked if I'd make her a couple of hats and even sent me a link to the pattern. I wanted to send her something to smile about so added a funny hat too. I included some hard candies and lip gloss as well. I'm terrified for her but know that if anyone can beat this it is Jill. She's an incredible woman.

This was the pattern and the red and pink was colors she chose. I made the other one and sent it along out of the same pattern. The funny one I labeled "For those bad/no hair days."

After making these and sending them off to my sister I learned that a dear friend who battled breast cancer a few years ago has a new mass and it is going to be biopsied on Thursday. How can this be happening? I just can't believe it. I hope it turns out to be nothing. I can't tell you how fervent my prayers have been for these two wonderful ladies.

I am having a small procedure on my back on Monday. It's just a little procedure where they go in and clean the debris out from around the nerves. I hope it helps. I'm just at my wits end. I'm just about ready to do anything to make it go away. No idea what that would be -- I just keep searching for answers. I'll only be in the hospital overnight. I hate hospitals.

That's all the news on this front. Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Oh Bev, I don't envy you. Moving is always a big disruption to crochet time. Hope you can find your stash etc. without much of a problem. Good wishes for your procedure tomorrow. xox