Sunday, December 11, 2016

Can I report progress? VERY little my dears. Very little.

Things have been crazy here at the Matheson Mansion. We are in the process of buying another house (here in Havasu), packing and preparing to move, having a big Christmas party for family and friends (in Utah no less) and trying to get in a bit of crocheting. Thank goodness I didn't plan on any yarny type gifts cuz I'd-a-never-made-it. ;-)

I did finish up this cute cowl for my daughter. It's called the Elemental Triangle Cowl by Cre8tion Crochet. It was SO fast. I used a lighter weight (cuz I had it and wanted it lighter) and so it used more yarn and took longer but even then it was a 2-day project. So fast and so easy.



My daughter was here yesterday (from Utah) and waited until this was finished and extra hour before leaving so she could take it with her. Looked great with her blue jeans but she wouldn't let me take her picture cuz her "hair looked ratty." I told her you would never even see her again and she wasn't having anything to do with it. I was worried about the color distribution but once she got it on the drape was so perfect that it just looks amazing.

Next post will be from the new digs. I hate it. Seriously. Swore I'd never move again when we moved here. Actually, the first time I said that was 8 years ago and we have moved three times since then. Guess I'll stop saying that. Maybe it's bad luck or something. I won't do it again though. Told The Hubster in no uncertain terms. Next time he goes on his own. Yup.

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  1. Good to hear from you Bev. I haven't blogged for months but pop in to read my favourite blogs which are listed on mine. The cowl you made for your daughter looks interesting. I can imagine it would look great with jeans. Good luck with the move - I can sympathise with you. We moved many many times because of my late husband's work but since moving here and then retirement, they'll be carrying me out of here in a wooden box !!! LOL xox