Sunday, September 4, 2016

September? Where on Earth Has This Year Gone???!!!

I can hardly believe it. September. Doesn't seem possible. Where has the time gone? It's like I've just barely figured out it was 2016 instead of 2015. Oh wait, is it 2016 or 2017? See what I mean?

The pain in the shoulder blade is only slightly better. Finally went to the doctor and their guess was as good as mine. Ice, heat, Ibuprofen, rest. I have managed, however, to get a bit of crocheting done.

As you can see, my mood scarf has been directly affected by my shoulder blade and back pain. Lots of dark in there and not much bright pink. The bright pink was a day when I heard from both the grandkids after their first day of school. Who couldn't be happy after that?

My "Headed to the Fiesta" shawl is finished but not yet blocked. Can't really stretch well enough to block it yet but I am really really happy with it. I think it's going to open up and be beautiful. Pretty enough that I might need to buy a new outfit just to go with it, right?

The gray cowl is called Double-Strand Cowl by Sharon Silverman. It's supposed to be two different weights of yarn but I wanted to make it with just worsted weight. I plan to give it as a Christmas gift and want it to be nice and warm for those Idaho winters it's going to try and ward off. It was a fun crochet and went really fast.

I had some Red Heart Boutique that I wanted to use for a couple of cowls. Can you believe the two shown above are from the same yarn? It's true! How different it looks depending on if it's an open stitch or a closed stitch. Both turned out really nice. The final shot is the beginning of a blanket for a friend for Christmas. I'm doing it as part of a Blanket CAL on Ravelry. It's just I Love This Yarn in grey-tones. I think it's going to be nice and soft and will go with just about any decor. It's about full-size, I think. (Here's the gray cowl on. Really pretty, I think. Next time, however, I think I'll add about 20 stitches to the pattern so it's a bit longer.)

Well, that's it for the week. Hopefully I can get more done on my Year of Projects this next week.

Have a fantastic week y'all. And SMILE!

Go ahead, you know you want to go -- especially in that cute little pink car. ;-)


  1. Loving all the stitchery projects here. Hope your shoulder continues to improve. Shawls, blankets, scarves, wow, you have been busy.

  2. I don't know where the time goes - and I hear it's only going to get worse the older we get. Your cowls are really nice, Bev, and I think your blanket in gray tones is going to look great. As much as I've been crocheting with colorful yarns lately, I really am a neutral sort of gal.

  3. Love your cowls and the blanket in the greys looks as if will be super lovely. Hope your shoulder heals quickly.

  4. Love your cowls and the blanket in the greys looks as if will be super lovely. Hope your shoulder heals quickly.

  5. Love your cowls and the blanket in the greys looks as if will be super lovely. Hope your shoulder heals quickly.

  6. You have been very busy with cowls. They are all really nice. The blanket is quite striking and ai agree it looks all snuggly.

  7. I'm dying to see your Fiesta shawl when its blocked - the colour of the yarn is beautiful. For someone who shouldn't be doing too much crocheting, you're certainly getting heaps done. You put me to shame actually. I can't seem to finish anything lately - plenty of starts but hardly anything finished. Those two 'elderly' pugs in the pink car are gorgeous - I've had pugs most of my life and they are such sweet furbabies. Have a good week. xox PS .. I am ashamed to say that I haven't participated much in the YoP and I really did want to do it again this year. :(

  8. Your projects are lovely and I love the scarf you made....remember mood rings? I want to make one of those or one of the temperature scarves. I can't believe the difference in those 2 projects with the same yarn color! Amazing! Love the cowls and the fiesta shawl is gorgeous....yes, a new outfit to go with it! I hope your shoulder heals up soon.

  9. Your cowls and scarfs are so pretty. The gray one will be such a nice gift. I hope your shoulder is feeling better. I think you've had some great progress on your projects.