Sunday, August 7, 2016

We are all winners . . .


Lucky lady! Paula, you win the book and yarn. Please send me your mailing address to: Thanks for playing along everyone.

Now on to other -- not so exciting -- news.


Mood Scarf - Started (ongoing)
Shoulder Wrap for DD
Baby blanket - finished
Shawl for a friend - Finished
Design new Tunisian crochet shawl (changed to crochet instead of Tunisian for now)
Flurry of Foliage shawl
Volkswagen graph pattern for one of my BFFs - started
Cancer hats using Cancer Charity Hat by Christins and others. Goal is at least 50 (great take along project).
Vest for DIL birthday -started
3 projects from my Ravelry Library, including gifted baby blanket pattern
Use stash as much as possible for them.

I was going to make a shawl using Tunisian crochet and a mitered square. As I got to working on it, I decided to try it with regular crochet first. This is my start. I'm not liking it at all but I'm determined to get at least the prototype done so I can start to tweak it. I'd still like to do it in Tunisian if I can.

I purchased some awesome yarn that I think will look nice in the final design. I used some Muskrat cotton for this "draft." Whatcha think?

I also started a new scarf and this time I'm putting in a few beads. I'll report more on this next week.

My mood scarf is coming along but I'm having a lot of just plain old days. Not enough sunny times but thank goodness not a lot of dark times either. This is a new week, right? LOL!

Report on missing Tunisian hooks. I ordered a new set from WalMart (cuz they're a lot cheaper there) and wouldn't you know it. Not five minutes after I received the email stating they had shipped I found mine in the bottom of a project bag. I swear I looked there before. Anyway, now I have THREE sets of Tunisian hooks: 2 Denise and 1 KnitPro. 

The above is a pretty sad picture of the vest I'm making for my DIL. It's really more a a gray but the lighting in here is so bad it comes out more of a BLAH. It's coming along though and next week I'll try photographing it outside - when it's not raining or windy. That's about all we've had lately. I'm not complaining though because living in a desert you don't get much moisture so I'm always happy to see it rain a bit.

I'm pretty sure my swap partner has no clue I've got a blog so I'm going to show you this awesome treat jar I made for her in the Dog Days of Summer swap on Ravelry. I think it turned out so cute.

I love the paws and the hook to keep your leash on, etc. Next time I make one it will be a bit different though. I had The Hubster help me and we ended up with something just a tad different than I had in mind but it works. ;-) I love him for his effort and willingness to even take it on. He's not the crafty type.

Well, that's it for now. Tooda-Loo (or however it's spelled). 


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  2. THANK YOU !

    I am SO THRILLED TO WIN ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    The dog leash holder and treat jar is so cute. Shoot, poor Indy would eat through those treats in a day . . . I trained her if he came in and pottied he got a treat, so n ow she comes in and sits in front of what she wants . . . .LOLOL

    1. It's on his way -- along with another itty-bitty surprise.

    2. It's on his way -- along with another itty-bitty surprise.

  3. Congratulations to Paula on winning your awesome give-away. Love that Yarn Bee yarn - will be interested to see how it works up. Cute doggie treat/lead board - Sparky would probably like one too. xox

  4. Thanks, Dorothy for your sweet comments.