Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Things have changed already

I knew there would be changes to my Year of Projects list but surprised it is happening in the very first week. I started the baby blanket but really didn't like the Tunisian stitch pattern with the yarn so -- now I've started another one.

The yarn is some cheap stuff I bought from It was $1.23 per skein. Good for a baby blanket though.

I also received an order today from They had a $25 surprise box and I chose cotton. I think there's a  nice assortment here. Lots of possibilities for my Year of Projects. That's only about $1.60 a skein.

Now, the GTO. I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it -- yet I'm scared about it too. This has been such a major undertaking that I am a little sick of it and we can't decide if we should sell it and try and recuperate some of our money or keep it for a while. On the other hand, of all the cars we have owned our '68 GTO was one of my favorites. (However, it was not a convertible.) Right now there's less than 10 miles on the engine, tires, etc. It will never be in better shape than it is right now. Also, we don't think we want to drive it down because of rock chips, etc. so will have to ship it. Gosh, it's all been such a pain in the neck. UGH! But it is pretty. First and last convertible we will probably ever own. ;-)

Ain't SHE a beauty? I tried to talk them out of red. We have seen two other GTOs this same year (both convertibles) in red just in the last four months. I think we should have gone with pink (not an ugly shade but a pretty one -- real pale with a bit of mother of pearl in it) with white interior. No one else would have had one like it, right? Let me just say this and then I'll try not to continue bringing up the cost of this car: MY ENTIRE 30 YEARS OF YARN BUYING HAS NOT COST THIS MUCH!!!!! I told The Hubster to never bring up the cost of my hobbies EVER again. ;-) Had we only known. It was a huge mistake to undertake this restoration.

I went for a walk this morning at 5:30 a.m. and it was already 94 degrees outside. Good grief. What have we done? On the hottest days in Utah it was still cool in the mornings.

Come on back next week for an update and get some information on a drawing. All you have to be is a follower of my blog. International is okay.

Talk atcha later skater!


  1. Know the feeling Bev ! I finished a Baktus scarf last night and absolutely hate it. I used Noro yarn which I'm also starting to dislike too. Enough of my moans. The pattern in your baby blanket looks pretty - look forward to seeing it finished. You scored well with that surprise pack - I'm sure you'll find something nice to make with it. Gosh, that is a beautiful car - good luck with whatever you decide to do. Please send some of that sunshine here - very cold and wet winter here this year. Xox

  2. Those are some great deals on yarn!!! Beautiful car. Hope you figure out soon what to do with it.