Saturday, July 23, 2016

San Diego Fun and the Little GTO

We had such a good time and our grandson, Austyn, really had a good time with his Uncle Rob and Aunt Amy. They took him on the trip of a lifetime while we enjoyed their condo and Little Italy.

Yes, that's my son with the long hair in the back row. He's turned into an "artist" and his hair is really long (it's always been pretty short). He has beautiful curly hair though.

It was hard getting up in the mornings. Everyone just wanted to sleep in. Late nights will do that to you.

The beach was absolutely PACKED. Not so bad near this boardwalk but if you look in the distance they were practically elbow to elbow. It was a gorgeous day to be out and about.

It was hard finding just the right wand. He had one at home but it wasn't a "real" one. Rob and Amy said they thought they'd never leave the shop but eventually he found the one "that spoke to him."

This is my favorite picture of their adventure at Universal Studios. I know, the bug thing IS pretty creepy but I love the picture of Austyn. And yes, he does need a haircut, but he's determined to grow it out just like Uncle Rob's. Good grief.

We have been restoring a 1968 GTO convertible and it's almost ready to bring home from the restoration hospital. Let me just say that this has been one expensive venture. It has now cost us 4x what we were originally told it would cost. Much of the equipment, etc. that came with it from the other owner wasn't even for this car. We'll probably never get out of it what we put into it so I guess we enjoy it and stop bitchin' about the cost.

Now it's time to get back to yarn-y goodness. I've got a shawl and a Mood Scarf in the works.

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  1. Thanks . . . now all I will be singing for the rest of today is "Little GTO."