Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mood Scarf Madness

A couple of years ago I joined a Mood Scarf group in Ravelry. It was a lot of fun and really eye-opening. I never realized how many bad days I'd had until then and became determined to have more happy ones to improve the looks of my scarf. With the pain in my back getting worse I know I'm having more bad days than good and The Hubster doesn't deserve having a snarky wife so . . . it's Mood Scarf time again!!!! Yay!!!

The colors I have chosen are bright magenta (over the top day or OTT), light violet (good day) and dark violet (grumpy day). Getting started made for an OTT day. Today was a good day so the light violet comes into play. I'm going to try hard not to use the dark violet very often but suspect the OTT will be the exception. I just don't have very many days that are Over-The-Top.

There are no set color. They are up to you. Some people are using a LOT of colors. I can't get my mind around more than two or three at a time but I love all the colors others are choosing. Maybe next time . . . The yarn I chose is yarn that I had in my stash that I really didn't have anything planned for. It's a Universal Worsted Weight yarn called Uptown. Nice yummy stuff. I've used the DK quite a bit but not this is the first WW I've used.

We're going to run the Mood Scarf at least through the end of the year and then see where it goes from there. The first time I participated in one it was for a year and I ended up with two HUGE scarves that the step-granddaughters loved. I also used it as an opportunity to practice Tunisian stitches. I think I'll do it again -- at least that's how it's started but I do like this stitch combo a lot.


  1. May you have many bright magenta days Bev. xox

  2. Hoping for lots of OTT and good days :)

  3. What great idea to check on your own mental health. I don't think I could do any more colors than you are . . . I would have a hard time figuring out "what exactly I meant" if I had to many choices . . . LOLOL