Saturday, July 16, 2016

Catch Up Time

As promised here's a few recent projects completed:

Tunisian crochet blanket in pink and white. Light blue shawl with Sparky in attendance and multi-blue shawl. Blanket going to the darling daughter for her baby gift stash and shawls to the local nursing home.

My sister asked me to make a crocheted Christmas tree so she could fill it and send it to her son in England. I tried several different patterns and this one was the best.

Having the grandsons here was a blast. Lots of swimming in the lake and public pool as well as a fun trip to San Diego. There was lots of sleeping in and, of course, the trip to Hogwarts. One went home two weeks ago and the other will go home on Monday.

I've been asked to teach a class on Tunisian Crochet at our church's Super Saturday in August. I posted some examples on their Facebook page. So far there's been quite a good response. I wish I could say I'm excited but I'm not. I've taught this so many times to so many people that it's kinda boring but it is kind of fun to see so many people embrace something new.

My DIL asked me to make some Ninja Turtle hats for her little nephew. For the life of me the only pictures I can find are out on Ravelry. Click on this link and it will take you to them.

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  1. Love the pink tunisian blankets - do you put an ordinary crochet edging on them and if so, does it control the curl? I really love working tunisian but don't particularly like the 'wrong' side - I have a copy of your honeycomb cardi (from when it was free) and am planning on making another one later this year. I'm taking part in the Year of Project on Ravelry and have put it on my 'list'. I do hope you enjoy your tunisian classes. xox