Monday, May 2, 2016

Once Upon A Time

there was a girl that was serious about blogging and then life got in her way. Every once in a while it continues to do so but I do have a few things to share. In a swap on Ravelry we were to send our partner a box of 5-6 items that included yarn, buttons, elastic, whatever, and we were then required to make something out of what was sent. This is what I made:

I had already made this little sweater while at my mom's in Idaho. Molly included the perfect rick rack and orange yarn for a little headband to go with it.

She also included some sock yarn, pretty elastic, buttons and doilies. This is what I put together (without a pattern I might add). I'm really happy with it and hope that some little girl will enjoy it as a gift somewhere along the way.

Close-up o f headband made with elastic,
 two doilies and some beads.

The top of the shoulders unbuttons so I used these little star buttons to 
close them up. Two on each side.

I really love the little doily on the front of the dress with those cute
buttons. I think it really adds something to the little dress. All-in-all I am 
happy with what I put together.

Someone backed out of the swap so another friend send the box of goodies and the person receiving sent to me so I have one more thing to make with what was sent me. This is what was sent to me in the first package. 

Somewhere I have a picture of the other package but can't find it right now. I'll save that for another day.

It's been in the 90s here the past week. I guess summer is here to stay in Havasu. ;-)

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  1. That Ravelry swap sounds like fun and what you made with what you received is lovely. Lucky you getting nice warm weather. Its starting to get very cold here now and I have the house heating set at 21 deg.C all day and just drop it to around 18 for overnight. I'm sitting here with a minky blanket over my lets too as I get sore when I get cold. Enjoy your summer and don't stop blogging. xox