Saturday, April 9, 2016

Let's Crochet the Day Away!

I've been in Utah and Idaho the past two weeks. We "babysat" our 9-year-old grandson, Brayden for one week and then spent the other week at my parents' place in Idaho. "The Old Farm House" we call it. I had time to do a LOT of crocheting. Now I have to do a LOT of blocking. ;-)

 I hadn't  ever used Patons Beehive Baby Sport Yarn before and let me tell ya, 
it's the softest stuff I've ever used. Would truly make a wonderful baby blanket. 
This shawl is actually gray -- looks tan doesn't it? 

Finally finished up this bright little bombshell.

Had to make some cup cozies to go with a mug for a swap.
The mug was Mickey Mouse (black). These are the cozies
I made, including the buttoned tea pack. Easy to go in
your handbag.

Now, this is UGLY. The yarn is heavenly. It's a truly 
beautiful purple color. Once I get it blocked I am going to take 
some photos out in the sunlight.

I finished a few other things but didn't get photos
taken quickly enough to get them on heee today. Besides
it's kind of gloomy outside and pictures don't come out
very well when it's so overcast.

Got this in the mail when I got back. The plan is to make
a kind of shawl/shrug out of it. It's prettier than it
looks but sure has the vintage color to it. Hope
it works out okay.

I do like to

and may be a little bit REBEL at times too. Hahahaha!


  1. Goodness Bev, you have been busy with all that crochet - which looks fabulous by the way. The little cup cozies and tea bag are very cute and will go great with the black mug. You a rebel ? Nevvvvahh !!!! :)

  2. I LOVE Beehive Baby Sport! And your stuff is amazing as always! Such a joy to see your stitches!