Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Tale of the Four Shawls

Okay, I made this one a while back:

Now I'm obsessed. I never make the same pattern twice. Seriously obsessed with making more of them -- and why? I don't wear them. I guess I will donate them to a prayer shawl ministry or something. All I know is that I love them. It's called the Pomelo Shawl and the free pattern can be found on Cascade Yarns' Website. Just click Pomelo Shawl and it will take you to it.

Now this one is a bit more scratchy than I like. I must have more wool in it. I'm sure it will soften up though when I put it in the wool wash. I love the colors.

My friend gave me the yarn to make this beautiful purple shawl. Now it, I have to keep. I need to buy something lovely to wear just with it. It's just so pretty and my very favorite color.

This pretty pink shawl is a gifted yarn as well but I got it in a swap. I'm making a very fine rectangular shawl with it. I keep it in by my recliner in the living room and whenever I can't sleep I sit there and work on it.

So you see, I AM obsessed. I'm not too worried though because after I finish with these I will move on to something else. I have an afghan I have to make for my BFF and it's going to take an eternity. I guess I'm just avoiding it cuz I know it will take a LONG time. It's all Tunisian crochet and it's a replica of her Volkswagen convertible.


  1. All your shawls look lovely Bev. May I ask what pattern you use? Have fun with the VW afghan - it will be interesting to see your progress shots. Xox

    1. It's called the Pomelo Shawl by Elisabeth Davis de Herraiz. You can find the pattern here: It's SUPER easy and turns out so well.