Saturday, March 12, 2016

Swap Time

I took about a year off doing any swaps. I don't particularly enjoy them -- oh, they are okay -- but I always worry my package won't be up to par or I'll send something they won't like. I guess the reason I worry is because quite often I have gotten packages that made no sense to me at all. One was just full of someone's leftover scraps of yarn. It was a yarn swap but really??? LOL! The one I am in now is a mug swap. The person likes everything Disney so I bought a cute Mickey Mouse mug and made some mug cozies to go with it. She likes tea so I made a little tea bag holder and filled it full of tea bags.

I have been working on shawls to take to the local nursing home. I think I've hit on a really good pattern to use. It's a small shawl and the design keeps it on your shoulders without a shawl pin.

It is called the Williston Shawl by Cynthia Miller. I use one skein of light Worsted Weight yarn and then stop. It makes the perfect size.

A friend told me that she had found a way to help with stress. It's adult coloring. I guess it is quite the trend. Guess what I've been doing? She was right. It's awesome. When you are coloring you can't worry about anything. You have to concentrate to stay in the lines.

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  1. I'm with you re swaps. Have participated in lots over the years and whilst some have been awesome, others disappointing. We don't get as many choices here in Australia as you lucky ducks in the US. I love 'tools of the trade' and have always enjoyed the swaps that contain those type of items. I had a look at that shawl pattern and it does look like a great charity project - or even one for myself !! Of course it will go into my Rav library for future reference. Your colouring looks lovely. Xox