Saturday, March 19, 2016

Springtime in Lake Havasu

Everything is blooming. Somehow I have developed allergies to "something" and have had the runny eyes, runny nose, and sneezing for about two weeks. Two days ago it decided to add the flu to it and I've been sicker than sick ever since. In spite of the fact there is something blowing into my sinuses and causing my head to explode, I LOVE watching the desert bloom. It's almost worth the allergies

Aren't they just amazing? I had no idea I would love the desert so much.

On the crochet front there is a bit of crocheting going on since I am not up to par. I'm working on the Pomelo Shawl. I'm making it in Malabrigo in a beautiful, beautiful purple that was gifted to me.

I have two skeins so it should be just enough. The pattern is fun and so easy. You can easily work on it while you are watching television or listen to your husband shout at the television during the basketball season.

By the way, the Christmas Crack came out delicious!!!!! It makes two huge gallon bags full and I sent all but just a quarter of a bag back with my son. He can afford the calories. I can't. I've got 10 pounds to lose and by golly, I'm gonna do it. I think I can safely say that it could also be called St. Patrick's Crack or Easter Bunny Crack. What do YOU think?

Have a fantastic day!

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