Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Tale of the Four Shawls

Okay, I made this one a while back:

Now I'm obsessed. I never make the same pattern twice. Seriously obsessed with making more of them -- and why? I don't wear them. I guess I will donate them to a prayer shawl ministry or something. All I know is that I love them. It's called the Pomelo Shawl and the free pattern can be found on Cascade Yarns' Website. Just click Pomelo Shawl and it will take you to it.

Now this one is a bit more scratchy than I like. I must have more wool in it. I'm sure it will soften up though when I put it in the wool wash. I love the colors.

My friend gave me the yarn to make this beautiful purple shawl. Now it, I have to keep. I need to buy something lovely to wear just with it. It's just so pretty and my very favorite color.

This pretty pink shawl is a gifted yarn as well but I got it in a swap. I'm making a very fine rectangular shawl with it. I keep it in by my recliner in the living room and whenever I can't sleep I sit there and work on it.

So you see, I AM obsessed. I'm not too worried though because after I finish with these I will move on to something else. I have an afghan I have to make for my BFF and it's going to take an eternity. I guess I'm just avoiding it cuz I know it will take a LONG time. It's all Tunisian crochet and it's a replica of her Volkswagen convertible.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Just a Little of This and a Little of That

First a bit of a chuckle.

Everyone has their favorite yarns. Mine used to be DK weight but lately I've been using a lot of sock weight (fingering) yarn and made a few shawls. Right now I also have one in progress with lace weight (not my favorite but I was gifted it).

The top left shawl I made for a nursing home project I've been working on. It's a fantastic shape and sits on the shoulders well. Top right is the lace weight shawl I was telling you about. It is rectangular. Bottom left was for a CAL on  Ravelry. I made mine more of an infinity scarf than the tall cowl that it was supposed to be. (It uses a fun stitch that makes a cute bobble. First a sc in one space and a treble in the next. Repeat. Try it, it's kinda fun.) Bottom right is a triangular shawl I'm working on for me. You'd think with the sun shining so much lately I could get a better picture. Must mean I need to get me a decent camera.

Anyway, it's off to the races (not literally) as I need to get our house cleaned up. We had company earlier in the week and everything got neglected so it's definitely catch-up time. Hope this finds you all well and happy too.


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Springtime in Lake Havasu

Everything is blooming. Somehow I have developed allergies to "something" and have had the runny eyes, runny nose, and sneezing for about two weeks. Two days ago it decided to add the flu to it and I've been sicker than sick ever since. In spite of the fact there is something blowing into my sinuses and causing my head to explode, I LOVE watching the desert bloom. It's almost worth the allergies

Aren't they just amazing? I had no idea I would love the desert so much.

On the crochet front there is a bit of crocheting going on since I am not up to par. I'm working on the Pomelo Shawl. I'm making it in Malabrigo in a beautiful, beautiful purple that was gifted to me.

I have two skeins so it should be just enough. The pattern is fun and so easy. You can easily work on it while you are watching television or listen to your husband shout at the television during the basketball season.

By the way, the Christmas Crack came out delicious!!!!! It makes two huge gallon bags full and I sent all but just a quarter of a bag back with my son. He can afford the calories. I can't. I've got 10 pounds to lose and by golly, I'm gonna do it. I think I can safely say that it could also be called St. Patrick's Crack or Easter Bunny Crack. What do YOU think?

Have a fantastic day!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

It's Not Christmas but I'm Making Christmas Crack

Have you ever made this? If not, you gotta give it a try.

Christmas Crack

Layer the following ingredients in your slow cooker:

16 ounces unsalted peanuts
16 ounces salted peanuts
12 ounces semi-sweet chocolate chips
12 ounces milk chocolate chips
20 ounces peanut butter chips
2 pounds white almond bark

Replace the lid on your slow cooker and cook on low for two hours. Stir. Replace the lid and leave sitting for another 30 minutes. Stir again.

Spoon mixture to wax paper or non-stick aluminum foil. Allow to harden at least an hour. This makes A LOT but stores beautifully.

The problem is that you can't keep your little mitts off of it. It's just too good. I'm making it because my son is here from San Diego and he wants to take it back with him. (I'll be sad but glad to see it go.)

The first time I made it I only used 1 pound white almond bark (didn't read it right I guess) and it was still yummy. Set up nicely but I think the other pound of white almond bark would make it even better.

Expensive? Not when you consider how fast it is and how much it makes.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Swap Time

I took about a year off doing any swaps. I don't particularly enjoy them -- oh, they are okay -- but I always worry my package won't be up to par or I'll send something they won't like. I guess the reason I worry is because quite often I have gotten packages that made no sense to me at all. One was just full of someone's leftover scraps of yarn. It was a yarn swap but really??? LOL! The one I am in now is a mug swap. The person likes everything Disney so I bought a cute Mickey Mouse mug and made some mug cozies to go with it. She likes tea so I made a little tea bag holder and filled it full of tea bags.

I have been working on shawls to take to the local nursing home. I think I've hit on a really good pattern to use. It's a small shawl and the design keeps it on your shoulders without a shawl pin.

It is called the Williston Shawl by Cynthia Miller. I use one skein of light Worsted Weight yarn and then stop. It makes the perfect size.

A friend told me that she had found a way to help with stress. It's adult coloring. I guess it is quite the trend. Guess what I've been doing? She was right. It's awesome. When you are coloring you can't worry about anything. You have to concentrate to stay in the lines.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Poor Puppy

Sparky was in desperate need to a haircut but nothing like this poor puppy. LOL!