Friday, February 19, 2016

It's Catch-Up Time

So much has been going on. First and foremost is we found our neighbor on the 16th deceased in his home. His sister called and said she hadn't been able to reach him for several hours and would we check on him. He had passed away sometime during the night. It was so awful to find him like that. Such a sweet man. We had gotten to know him very well over the past three years. He was 78 with a bad heart and high blood pressure. His sister who is 81 is now here trying to take care of things. I spent the entire day practically with her at the mortuary trying to work things out. I feel so bad for her.

On a happier note, I have some things to share with you:

I finished my Odette shawl. It's not a full-sized shawl -- more of a shawlette -- but it hangs down quite a ways on my shoulders. My son and his wife gave me a beautiful pottery yarn bowl for my birthday and I've just finished another shawl (not pictured yet as it's being blocked right now) with the yarn in the bowl. I've started a prayer shawl. Just my own pattern and I like how it's working up. What do you think? Maybe I should write it up. It's been a fun stitch to do. My green blanket has finally found it's home on the back of the loveseat. It's just perfect for throwing over your legs if there's a light breeze or over your shoulders if out by the fire pit.

Sparky has an aversion to having his picture taken. He's such a little poop-head. I finally got him to look up so I could get a shot. I can't tell you how many I got of him just turning his head at the last minute. He's in desperate need of a haircut. Monday for sure. He was to go in the day that we found Jack's body but that was a day full of policemen and coroners.


  1. It was so sad to read about your neighbour. How awful for you to have to find him like that. May he rest in peace. As you said, on a brighter note, what a lucky girl you are to have received a yarn bowl !! Your son and his wife certainly know what you like and such a practical gift. Love your shawl and blanket and yes, you really should write up the pattern for the prayer shawl. I always enjoy seeing your lovely crochet - thanks for sharing. xox

  2. Oh Dorothy it was so awful. He was lying on the living floor naked. It looked like he was just walking across the room to get a drink or let his dog out in the night or something. It's so very sad. He's from Colorado and came to Arizona only in the winter. He was 78. How are things in your neck of the woods?