Monday, February 8, 2016

"Do you have anything for a baby girl in your stash?"

My son called me last week and asked did I have something for a little girl in my stash? Well, no I don't. "I need something for a girl that works for me. She's due in two days." Really? I just had surgery on my right thumb and am not really in shape for a crochet marathon but it's the only time he's ever asked me to make something so I took on the challenge and made this little dress in less than two days.

Can you believe I can't find the photo I took of the front of the dress. How does that happen? Anyway, this is the back and the front looks the same except no buttons and has a little crocheted rose on it. Fortunately I had an very easy pattern and the yarn already.

A lady in our neighborhood is having two girls. They had a shower for her last Saturday. Fortunately I knew about this prior to the hand surgery. I made a couple of baby ponchos. The same but different. I think they turned out really cute. I couldn't be at the shower so just dropped it off at her house. I hope she liked them.

Other than that I can report my thumb is healing well and I can crochet for short periods of time. The doctor will take the stitches out on Friday. That will be a relief. YAY!

Have a fantastic week -- hope you get some crafting time in yourself. I plan to work on my Odette Shawl. It's coming right along -- slowly but surely.

I frogged the CAL blanket. It was just plain ugly. Enough said about that. ;-)

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