Sunday, January 31, 2016

zzplrsdrpstyfon my midyskrd

Okay, so that should read, "Please pardon my mistakes" but I keep getting my fingers on the wrong keys. You see, I had surgery on my right thumb on Friday and things just aren't working so very well on the keyboard. They had to release an encapsulated nerve -- whatever that really means -- and so I now have a bunch of stitches and am wrapped to the nines. Wednesday they take the dressings off and give me just a band-aid to wear until the stitches come out a week after that. Oh well, if it's not one thing it's another.

So today I am going to post a bunch of patterns that I think are really cute - AND free - for your viewing pleasure.

I think this Ring Scarf is really clever. I just may have to make a bunch of these for 2016 Christmas gifts. (Just click  on the links and it will take you to the patterns. While you are there, check out  her Mother of Pearl hat.  I think this hat would make some fantastic Cancer Clinic hats. Check out the brim on this lovely little thing. I really do like it a lot.

My skills are nowhere near what they would need to be to make t his Sunrise Mandala in Tunisian crochet. I do love it though. What do YOU think?

Have you ever done a corner to corner blanket? There's a cute on of a train that I think would make a darling middle for a little boy's blanket.

As soon as I can get back to crocheting -- just another day or so I hope (if I can type can I crochet?) -- I need to work on my Odette, which is a quick project nearly half done already after only one day.

I quit the CAL mystery blanket. It was driving me nuts. I've decided I'm not a "mystery" kind of gal. I need to know what's next, I guess.

Our church is having a banquet for the widows/widowers around Valentine's Day. We are in charge of the invitations and table decorations. Wish us luck. ;-)


  1. Ouch Bev ... whatever did you do to your thumb to require surgery? I hope it wasn't caused by the crochet. Good luck for a speedy recovery. That ring scarf has me fascinated - just skimmed the pattern but I think it might require some serious investigation sometime soon. Thanks for the links - some nice stuff. I'll look forward to seeing your Odette - the pattern looks very pretty. xox

  2. I had an encapsulated nerve. That means that the sheath around the nerve had thickened and was putting pressure on the nerve and causing my thumb to lose its mobility. On your right hand you kinda of need a thumb (so I've discovered as I have tried to do everything with a big bandage). It is off now, however, and only a regular bandage on it so I'm feeling much more like my old self. Very little crocheting going on though. It's still sore and swollen.