Saturday, November 21, 2015

Midnight at the Oasis Scarf

I found a pretty scarf pattern on the Internet but I didn't like the four row repeats so I took two of the rows and combined them for this scarf. I also changed it and put in the bobble stitch. I'd like to give the author credit but I have no idea where it even came from. It was one of those Pinterest patterns that just has the charts.

Approximately 12" x 60"

Berroco Vintage DK (2 Skeins)
H crochet hook


Ch. 50.

Row 1: 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook; * ch 1. Miss next 3 ch. [(1 dc. ch 1) twice; 1 dc] all in next ch; ch 1; miss next 3 ch; 1 sc in next ch; repeat from * to end of chain. Turn.

Row 2: Ch 6 (counts as dc and ch 3). Miss next dc. 1 sc in next dc; * ch 3; 4 dc bobble; ch 1; ch 3; miss next dc; 1 sc in next dc; repeat from * across, ending with 1 dc in last sc. Turn.

Row 3: Ch 1; 1 sc in first dc; * ch 1 [(1 dc; ch 1) twice; 1 dc] all in the next sc; ch 1 ** 1 sc in top of next bobble; repeat from * 4 more times, then from * to ** once; 1 sc in 3rd ch of ch 6.

Repeat last 2 rows for pattern until 1 full skein has been used.

Finish off. Making sure scarf is facing you work pattern from the bottom of the scarf to the end of the 2nd skein. In other words you will start the scarf over again in the beginning row (Row 1). This will make the pattern end with either a row of shells or a row of bobbles. (I like the row of shells better myself). When you finish the second skein you are done!

It's a lovely pattern and a lot of fun to crochet. Requires a little bit of attention but easy to memorize the pattern.

I also recently finished these shawls. It's Ice yarn and I really like it. Both are nice and squishy and warm.

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