Saturday, November 21, 2015

Living with Mother -- or Mother Living with Me

Either way it spells fun and laughter (most of the time). When The Hubster finally retired last January we moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona full-time. It was hard to leave our home in Utah. We loved our condo there and all our friends. Leaving family was the hardest thing to do but the warm weather beckoned us to go South. There are days when I want to pack a bag and move back but then there are days when I'm glad we are here. Today was one of those days.

Mom is spending the winter (or longer) with us. We brought her down around the 20th of September and she plans to stay until April 1st. She will be 90 on the 16th of December. I'm so happy we will get to celebrate it with her here in our bright and sunny Arizona home. The thought of her spending another lonely winter in cold old Idaho was just too much for all of us. For the past six months we have been remodeling the house, putting another bedroom on the back and finishing a family room. The bedroom is just perfect for her and has a door going directly into the bathroom and another out to the family room. She's steps away from the kitchen -- which is still the hub of activity in our little home.

Mom's been crocheting house slippers. It's an old pattern she's been making for years and years. She can make them in her sleep but for some reason is having trouble. We are certain it has to do with her vision as she has both glaucoma and macular degeneration. Today we had to take her for some injections behind one of her eyes because of some bleeding that is going on. It's been really hard for her to lose her vision and her hearing. She's a fiercely independent woman.

This is mom with my brother, Marvin. I'm sure he is missing her as he lived only about 30 minutes away and now it's much too far to stop in on their way to town. When we go to church or shopping together people always comment, "Boy, you can tell you two are related" or the other day a guy says, "Whoa, two peas in a pod!" Mom said thank goodness it wasn't "two pees in a pod". She's so funny. Shockingly so at times. LOL!

In any event, it's good to have her here. I try not to get frustrated when she is slow or doesn't hear me. I try to remember how valuable this time will be with her. Sometimes I feel selfish that I pulled her away from her friends and other family members but the warm weather has already helped her health immensely. Could be she'll just stay here. This pea doesn't mind being part of the same pod. She's a pretty terrific lady and I truly do love her. (I should get The Hubster to take a picture of us together. I'll do that tomorrow and post it here.)

I hope tomorrow to be able to post a new pattern. It's just a simple scarf/shawl pattern but I love the way it turned out. Watch this space!

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