Monday, November 30, 2015

Lighting of London Bridge and the GREEN Blanket

We live in a truly lovely place. Unlike Utah where there's now about 10" of snow in our old front yard, here there are only rocks and cacti. Lake Havasu is where the London Bridge was rebuilt and every Christmas it is lit up with a grand ceremony. This is us on our way. Mom is being pushed by Rob and his wife, Amy and I'm driving my little scooter. Mom wouldn't use it. Too scary she said. LOL! I will admit, however, that after a trip to K-Mart where I talked her into using one of their mobility carts she took out an entire shelving unit. I didn't argue with her when she said "No, I'll just walk." Well, it was too far for her to do that so we borrowed a transport chair from a friend and very reluctantly she used it. She was glad in the end because it was quite a long walk from where we had our picnic by the lake to the bridge. Also, it was kind of chilly. Now our usual warmer weather this time of year. It was still a lot of fun and so much fun having friends and family there.

The Saga of the Green Blanket

I wanted to do something special for The Hubster this Christmas so I decided I'd make him a blanket. He's always got something over him while he's watching football (yuck) and instead of a traditional blanket I thought I'd do one in the round. My only problem is the going around and aorund and around. I feel like I'm going in circles. Well, I guess I am. Anyway, the pattern is by Julee Foot and it's the Round Ripple pattern. I'm using Red Heart Love yarn and the photo really doesn't do justice to the colors. They are really nice together and it's very very soft. I sure hope I get it done in time for Christmas. He thinks it's for someone else. Tee hee!

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