Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

I'm missing my dad today. I can't believe he's been gone now for NINE years. It seems like just yesterday that I was visiting with him and only the day before that we were fishing together. He always baited my hook and cleaned my fish. He said it was his "duty as a father" and I would never have denied him THAT privilege. ;-) My dad was a World War II War Veteran and always very proud of his service.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Wish you were here. I'd give you a big huge hug. Since you are not, I'm going to wear the jacket I sneaked out of the house after you passed away. I wear it whenever I feel the need to be close to you. It doesn't matter it going to get to 117 degrees here today. I'm inside in the A/C and I don't plan to step one foot outside the door. The sun is shining and I'm going to sit inside and crochet my little heart out!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Just a few of the things I've been working on . . .

My neighbor asked if I would complete this blanket for her daughter. Apparently her mother passed away from cancer before she got it finished. The squares were all done. They only had to be put together for a nice sized baby blanket. I'm glad I was able to help out. It turned out really cute. I also made some white and red booties to go with it as well as a little white and red beanie. (Forgot to take a picture of them, I guess.) She seemed happy with it.

This was a fun cowl to make. It's just the waffle stitch in the round. I am not one to be able to wear anything that snug up around my neck for very long so this will be gifted to someone. It did turn out really pretty though and very soft.

This is going to be a vest. I'll have to post the pattern link later as The Hubster is breaking up the tile in the other room and I am "relegated" to the office with Sir Barks Alot until he is finished. This is the back and the front hangs down like triangles. I am using Knit Picks Hawthorne Kettle Dyed in Delphinium for it. It's going to be really pretty I think.

This is going to be a granny square shrug. I hope it turns out okay. The colors are much prettier in real life than they appear in this little photo. I'm about 18" in now and need 30" before I can stitch it together and put on the cuffs. I think it will be perfect for those mornings here on the desert in the middle of "winter." I hate to turn the heater on when it will be warm within an hour so my other shrug has had a lot of wear and it's about time for a new one.

If you are on Ravelry you can see my Kiona shawl. I finished it a few weeks ago and finally got it blocked. I also finished my Fernanda. It was a fun and easy shawl. Both were also made with Knit Picks Hawthorne. I really like that yarn -- obviously.

I don't think I posted this little Poodle Blanket finished. My friend asked me to make it for her granddaughter. She didn't want it to be used but as a decoration in the nursery.

I'll try and come back later today and put in better photos and links when I can get to my Kindle and get some other pictures posted.

Have a great day and a chuckle . . .

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Desserts, etcetera, etcetera and So Forth

Things around here have been crazy. We are in the remodel mode again and The Hubster is painting walls, removing baseboards, measuring, measuring and measuring some more. We are in a mess! We were supposed to go to a wedding in Vegas last Saturday and then Sunday morning go on to Idaho for my grandson's and step-granddaughter's high school graduations. Since my last back surgery things have not gone well. I think something must have been "done wrong" cuz I've been in so much more pain every since he worked on me. We decided there was no way I could travel 10 hours to Idaho, sleep in a motel bed (which I wouldn't be able to sleep in) and then stay 10 days with my son up there in this kind of pain. SO the trip was off. We went to Vegas for my nephew's wedding (which was absolutely adorable and I got to see my sister) and by the time we got back (six hours on the road), The Hubster had to help me get out of the car. I'm a mess! It's so discouraging. I don't mean to vent here on my blog but writing it down seems to help with the frustration. I'm crushed I don't get to see my grandson and granddaughter graduate. It just breaks my heart. Literally.

My sister. She's doing well. She had on a beautiful wig that looks just like her own hair and while you could tell she was wearing a LOT of makeup to cover her pale skin, she looked better than I had hoped. That damn chemo sucks! We had a good laugh and a good cry together. Just exactly what we both needed.

So as to not make this posting REALLY really long, I'm not going to post about crochet. I'm going to share the MOST delicious recipe with you. I made this last night to take to a friend's house (she had just had surgery) and it's delicious!!!!!


3/4 c. white sugar
8 oz. cream cheese (softened)
1 (20 oz.) can crushed pineapple (drained)
1 (10 oz.) package frozen strawberries (thawed)
2 bananas (sliced or diced)
1 (8 oz.) tub frozen whipped topping (thawed)

In a medium bowl cream together the sugar and cream cheese until smooth. Add the whipped topping and blend well. Add all fruit and stir well to incorporate.

Place it in a 9x13" pan (or I used two loaf pans) and freeze at least 8 hours. Take it out of the freezer about 20 minutes before you want to serve it. Scoop if you put it in the long pan and slice if you put it in the loaf pan. It's very rich so I prefer to slice it. It's yummy with a small slice on a piece of angel food cake. If you freeze it in the loaf pans you can take it out after frozen and pop it out of the pans and then just wrap in plastic wrap and put it back in the freezer. Easy peasy. Oh, and I used Greek cream cheese. I think it added a whole 'nother dimension to it. Not tart at all -- just added flavor.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

It's been far too long . . .

so long, in fact, that I thought about just forgetting it. Too embarrassing to come back and admit how lazy I am. Yes, life has gotten in the way of blogging -- yet again -- and believe me, I should have been blogging instead of hounding The Hubster to get with the remodeling. On the other hand, I'm sick of remodeling. I think I'm going to take an extended vacation and just plain go away until it's all over. Hmmmm, not such a bad idea.

In the meantime I've done a bit of crocheting. I made a few hats for my sister who is battling breast cancer. This is only one that I sent her. It looks really cute on.

The same sister asked me to make a blanket for her son and his fiance. "Something with a dog." What?! A dog?! Anyway, this is what I came up with. It's much larger than this now it's finished but nothing really changed. I just kept going around and around and around and around until I thought I was going to go nuts. At that point it was "Done already!" I couldn't stand to go on any further. It's about full-size bed size so that's plenty big I think. Especially to throw over you while watching television or something. It's baby blue, navy blue and yellow. Colors don't show up that well in this photo for some reason.

I've also made a couple of shawls but I can't get them to load for some reason. I'll have to retake the photos and see if I can get them to work. Bummer!

Other than that, not much going on here. We have already reached into the 100s. I can't believe it's getting that warm so fast. We are headed to Nevada for a wedding the end of May and then on to Idaho for two high school graduations. I'm so proud of them and excited to be there.

Have a great weekend and don't get sunburned!!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday Musings

I've got a lot to cover today it seems. First, I've been working on an Attitude Adjustment. After months of anti-Trump/anti-Clinton stuff on Facebook I had worked myself into quite a frenzy. Okay, so I understand that no one thought he'd really make it but he DID. Nothing you can do about it now short of an assassination (which is a horrible alternative). I tell ya, I'm really sick, sick, sick of it all. It was affecting me at home and with gatherings of friends. It's all anyone wants to talk about. NOW isn't the time to try and do something about it. You should have gotten passionate about it beforehand and made your voice heard. (I'm not really pointing a finger at YOU. I'm just sayin' . . . ) Rioting now only makes us look like idiots. Trump now has a chance to make the changes he proposed that people obviously supported/wanted when he ran for office. I say we let him give it a shot. I doubt he'll come out as the worst president we have ever had but we should let it be his failing and we should not contribute to it. So anywho, for a week I posted on Facebook areas that I thought might help my Attitude Adjustment. Here are a few of that I thought I'd really try and work on -- not just that week but for several weeks to come -- until they become for reals:

Attitude Adjustment Day 7: I will embrace the fact that I am now a Senior Citizen. I have been depressed about getting old. I just never imagined that I would become an "old person" but I am now considered that. I can't think about how many more years I MIGHT have. I need to think about the ones that I do and enjoy them -- and I'm gonna do it!

Attitude Adjustment Day 6: Be patient for the things I want. I have a tendency to see something and I "need" it right now. Really it's a "want" it right now. We "need" new tile in the new house so I "want" it right now. I need to be more patient. It will get done when it gets done, right?

Attitude Adjustment Day 4:
Stop worrying about the things I CAN'T do anything and DO something about the things I can.

I haven't been doing much in the way of crocheting. Well nothing in the way of getting anything DONE. I've been kinda lazy. I've started a few things but then the yarn just hasn't spoken to me and I've undone them. Does your yarn have to "speak to you" too? I mean, sometimes a stitch just doesn't work with certain yarns. A friend on Ravelry tested my Deliberately Delightful pattern and came up with some errors so I'm working on those today. I want to get it revised and fixed. I did a really pooooooooor job describing how to do the bobble stitch. I mean, it's totally wrong. I don't know where I was when I wrote it down but obviously I should have tried it after I wrote it. It just seemed to be right, ya know?

Can you believe this? I mean, what's it doing in the fridge? I'm going to have to get The Hubster working on focusing. This is like the third time in a month he has done this very same thing.

I've been doing a bit of coloring and can't really do much of it at a time. After about 10 minutes my shoulder feels like it's on FIRE! I love doing it too. I find it very relaxing and pleasant -- for the 10 minutes I can do it. Refer to Attitude Adjustment Day 7.  I don't know why it's so dark. The paper background is very white. Must be the lighting here in my office.

I hope you have a fantastic week. Here's another funny that I hope makes you smile.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Two Quick Things

First: Mandala yarn by Lion Brands:

I bought two skeins from WalMart (and was very careful to make sure all my clothing articles matched and that my butt-crack didn't show). You can see the various yarn colors here. I tried to link them separately but their site couldn't let me.

They are really pretty in the pictures and even in a roll but work them up and they are UGLY. Well ugly in my opinion -- which we know only counts to me. Anyway, I bought one skein of the Unicorn and two of the Pegasus. They come in reverse skeins so you can end with one color in one and the same color in the next.

I tried a shawl in Pegasus. Hated it (got a LOT further than this but didn't take a picture before I frogged it and tried it in a scarf.)

I had to cut it where the dark color started on the undo because it snags something fierce. Anyway, I started a scarf with it and just hate the stuff so tossed the whole thing in the round brown file by my desk (aka the garbage can).  Just to be fair, I then tried a Tunisian scarf in the Unicorn. Same feel and just as ugly. The only thing unicorn about this is that it could be the color of their poop. Seriously the ugliest stuff I've ever worked with.

Needless to say it also went into the round brown file by my desk.

I have to share with you how this yarn feels. It feels sticky. That's the only way I can describe it. It doesn't glide across your hook or your fingers. It has the weirdest texture and feel to it. Hard to explain. If you want to know what I mean just head over to WalMart and feel it. Buy some if you want but be warned -- you might be wasting your money.  I'm so glad I did't pay the $9.99 per skein that Lion Brand wanted. WalMart had it for $4.95 a skein. Even then I lost $15 that would have gone towards something worth $15. I don't doubt there are people who do like this yarn. Maybe I didn't choose the right projects for it but I didn't like it. (I guess you have figured that out by now so I'll just shut up about it.
Second: Just a funny for you on this gorgeous Saturday morning. It's a picnic at the lake and a walking of the dog for us today. Hope you find something equally enjoyable to do.

I couldn't help it. I thought it was hysterical!!! LOL!!!